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Stag Communications

The East Midlands Content Marketing Agency


We Deliver Exceptional Video and Stills Content

We're a digital-first image and video production agency based in Nottingham working all over the UK & Europe. We tell stories first and foremost to engage, entertain and retain. 



As one of the first fully licensed drone pilots in the UK we have years of experience capturing images and video from the sky. Also we're just kids at heart, afterall, who doesn't like flying a drone.  


Video is an incredibly powerful tool, audiences love it and are more likely to engage with well crafted stories.  Talk to us to see how we can help you with video.


Stag specialise in large construction time-lapse films. We know that undertaking a construction job comes with many concerns, we want to make sure that when you bring us on board we provide a worry free service that gives you exceptional quality film at the end of the project.

Drone shot of housing Stag Communications


Images that make a


We produce  authentic Images For companies, Ad Agencies And Brands. Highlights: Delivering Creative Images, Dedicated Team Available. Advertising Photographer. Dedicated Team.s know a little more about you.


We're lucky enough to work with great companies over the years, who have entrusted their content and brands with us. 

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